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The downloadable PDF documents on this page provide the official and most up-to-date information regarding the 2017 calendar. In case of doubt, please check with the SPA directly.

2017 Organisation Tournament HCP*
27.–29.01. Evviva Polo St. Moritz Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 14 to 16
29.04.-01.05. Polo Club de Veytay Season Opening Tournament 0 to 4
19.-21.05. Polo Club de Veytay Domaine de Veytay Cup 0 to 4
20.-21.05. Polo Park Zürich San Francisco de Asis -2 to 2 and 3 to 6 (2 leagues)
27.-28.05. Legacy Polo Club Molineros Cup -2 to 1
03.-04.06. Polo Club de Veytay Mont Blanc Open Open (low goal)
03.-04.06. Polo Park Zürich Zürich Championship Low Goal -2 to 2
10.-11.06. Polo Park Zürich In Vino Challenge -2 to 2 and 3 to 6 (2 leagues)
10.-11.06. Legacy Polo Club Sheckenstein Cup -2 to 2
15.-18.06. Polo Club de Veytay Geneva Polo Challenge 4 to 6
17.-18.06. Polo Park Zürich Zürich Championship Medium Goal 3 to 6
22.-25.06. Polo Club de Veytay Swiss Medium Goal Polo Championship 4 to 6
30.06.-02.07. Polo Club Bern Swiss Low Goal Polo Championship
(10-year anniversary Polo Club Bern)
-2 to 2
01.-02.07. Polo Park Zürich Gold Cup 8 to 10
08.-09.07. Polo Park Zürich 18th International Ladies Polo Cup
PPZ & Country Club Cup
8 to 10
14.-16.07. Polo Club Ascona 8th Polo Cup Ascona 4 to 8
15.-17.07. St. Moritz Medium Goal Summer Cup Private initiative (invitational) 4 to 6
22.-23.07. St. Moritz Low Goal Summer Cup Private initiative (invitational) 0 to 2
21.-23.07. Polo Club de Veytay Lac Léman Trophy 2 to 4
05.-06.08. Polo Club Zug Ladies Cup 0 to +9
10.–13.08. Legacy Polo Club Pollo Cup 2 to 4
16.-27.08. Polo Club de Veytay Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo Masters 6 to 8
17.-20.08. Polo Club Gstaad Hublot Gold Cup 12 to 14
02.-03.09. Polo Park Zürich Luxury Trophy 6 to 8
08.-10.09. Polo Club Zug Porsche Zentrum Zug Polo Cup 0 to +3
09.-10.09. Polo Park Zürich Vecinos Cup -2 to 2 and 3 to 6 (2 leagues)
22.-24.09. Polo Club de Veytay Friendship Cup 0 to 4
23.-24.09. Polo Park Zürich Patrons' Cup Patrons only
23.-24.09. Legacy Polo Club Season End Cup 2 to 2

*Tournament dates and handicaps are subject to change. Please contact the clubs directly for details.

Handicaps Foreign Players
Principle Rule:
Foreign players who take part in tournaments in Switzerland and are listed in the current and official handicap list of the SPA must play with their valid Swiss handicap which is current on the first day of the tournament. If the foreign player is not listed in the current and official handicap list of the SPA he/she must fill-in a written application on a form provided by the SPA and he/she must play with his/her valid handicap of his/her main country of polo residence which is current on the first day of the tournament. Foreign players, who are listed with a higher handicap in England, the USA or Argentina in the official handicap list of the respective countries’ association, must play with the higher handicap. (for example: the Argentinean player X is rated a +5 in Argentina and a +6 in England, X must play a handicap +6 in Switzerland. The American player Y is rated a +5 in the USA, a +4 in France and a +6 in Germany, Y must play a handicap +5).

Non-European Players:
For players of Non-European origin the following special rules apply: Non-European players, including playing grooms, with a handicap of +2 or less must provide the organiser of a tournament the above mentioned form and with an official confirmation of their handicap, issued by the association of their country, respectively their country of residence, which clearly states that the named player has held an official handicap within the last 12 months. Only then are Non-European players permitted to play. If they cannot provide this written confirmation they must play with a minimum handicap of +2, regardless of their playing capabilities. In case of doubt, should the tournament organiser or a playing team or player so wish, the executive board of the SPA decides the permissible handicap.

Further information can be obtained from the SPA Tournament Rules.

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